The One Command

The one command

Dr Neslyn Watson-Druée CBE, MBE, FRCN, FCGI business psychologist, Thinking Environment Consultant and One Command™ Leader presents:

  • The One Day One Command Programme
  • Commanding Wealth for Individuals
  • Commanding Wealth for Business
  • One Command Practitioner Programme
  • Commanding Wealth Circles

I’m excited to share the message of  The One Command™ as a transformational change agent for your life. Thousands of people have applied the simple and powerful 6-steps and One Command ™ technique with amazing results.

I am inviting you to learn about The One Command apply the six steps to your lives and objectively observe the results. I want to know how to use The One Command™ to programme your brain and your mind. It is easy to understand how trauma can hurt the brain, and now researchers in brain science are demonstrating increasingly how negative thinking and bad programming from our past can affect our brain and our mind.

In order to change we have to come to a new understanding of our selves and the world so that we can embrace new knowledge and have new experiences. We don’t have to have to settle for our present reality, we can create a new one, whenever we choose to. We all have that ability, because for better or worse, our thoughts do influence our lives. If we truly “get it” that our thoughts influence our lives and create our reality – wouldn’t we focus our attention on what we want, instead of continually worrying about our problems?

The One Command™ is your guide to optimise both the hardware and software of your brain to help you reach a new state of mind. The One Command is based on solid science. Even though we make the analogy of the brain as a computer, with both hardware and software, the hardware (the actual physical function of the brain) is not separate from the software or the constant programming and reshaping that occurs throughout our lives.  Though applying the six steps of The One Command™ you will experience changes in your inner world of thoughts and feelings, you will notice changes in your external environment, those changes give you feedback to show you that your mind has had an effect on your “outer world” and soon you will be keen to apply commands day-by-day.

When I booked with less than 24 hours notice, I didn’t  know I was going to experience such a defining moment!!!!, I originally attended simply  to support my wife however within a few minutes I found Neslyn’s information and teaching style to be relevant and extremely insightful to my own business and I would recommend anyone who is seriously looking to evolve to the next level to learn from this truly wise individual.
Michael Roper

Most of us have had trauma of some kind in our lives and live with the day-to-day scars that have resulted. Cleaning out those experiences that have become part of the brain’s structure can be incredibly healing. We do know that thoughts create our reality and our moment-by-moment thoughts exert powerful healing effect on the brain (thoughts such as love, gratitude, compassion or they can work to our detriment (thoughts such as anger, frustration, hate. The same is true for past experiences that have become wired in the brain.

One of the most exciting lessons that I have and seen operating in other people’s lives is: that people can change their brains and change their lives by engaging in regular brain-healthy habits such as correcting negative beliefs and using The One Command™ to remove negative beliefs and command for what they want to change or improve in their lives. My hope is for this knowledge to be widely understood and that people wake up to the fact that they are more powerful than their circumstances, class or position at birth. In teaching the six structures of belief and the six steps of The One Command, I want people to move from knowing to knowing how to bring about lasting changes in their lives. I have seen people release old mental and emotional wounds that stop them from being themselves, resolve difficult issues in relation to money, relationships, health and a lot more and consequently create new opportunities that opened up exciting careers, peace of mind, wealth and security.

Teaching The One Command is part of the journey of me being a work in progress to understand how to live my full potential and an exciting life, a life that demonstrates my passion, a life that is fulfilling, a life that is miraculous that moves beyond circumstances of whatever life throws my way. I am continually witnessing the mystical and seeing that we have within our reach all we need to make significant changes in our lives. This is a time when we are seeking not only to “know” but we want to “know how” and to be convinced that this “know how” is not yet another programme that promises a lot but delivers little. Through The One Command we apply and personalise both emerging scientific concepts and age old wisdom that enables us to succeed at living a more enhanced life. The One Command™ enables us to connect the dots of what science is discovering about the nature of reality, and when we give ourselves permission to apply the six steps of The One Command™ to our daily existence, then each of us become the co-creator of our lives and the mystic in our lives.

True empowerment comes when we start to look deeply at our beliefs and examining those beliefs against new information that serves us better. We may find the roots of our beliefs within the conditioning in our family systems and culture, education, religion, media, society and even our genes (our genes being imprinted by the sensory experiences of our current lives as well as past generations).

We are at a point of human history when as individuals we are wakening to our greater reality, we are part of an ocean of change. Our current systems of reality are breaking down we can learn and change in a state of pain and suffering or we can evolve in a state of joy and inspiration.  The exploration of the nature of reality and The One Command starts with knowing the quantum you.

The Quantum You – The observer effect in quantum physics states that where you direct your attention is where your energy is placed. In other words what you focus on in your life will expand. If you focus on pain, difficulties and lack, you will have more pain, difficulties and lack. As a consequence you affect the material world (which is made mostly of energy). If you entertain that idea for a moment, you might start focusing on what you want instead of what you don’t want. You might even find yourself thinking: if an atom is 99.99999 percent energy and .00001 percent physical substance  then I am actually more nothing than something! So why do I keep my attention on that small percentage of the physical world when I am so much more? Is defining my present reality by what I perceive with my senses the biggest limitation I have?

It is vitally important that we update our subconscious programmes and align them with our conscious desires. If we don’t we are treating our minds in a similar way to an old computer. Would you run your computer on software that is decades old? would you put up with resulting limitations and inefficiencies? Would you be content to to be unable to access the most cutting edge applications because your software is unable to recognise the application or interface with the cutting edge software? if not, why are you content to be running outdated, limiting and inefficient internal programmes – the programmes of your sub-conscious mind.

The One Command™ gives you revolutionary information to help you to stop your negative thinking in a moment.  The teachings of The One Command™ is different in so many ways, it combines teachings from neuro-biology, neuro-science, neuro-physiology, and the quantum field. The One Command™ teaching gives you the tools to change your behaviour which results from the unconscious programme that drives your behaviour. Through the One Command™ you are able to change the unconscious programme that drives your:
•    Self-worth
•    Fear of success
•    Fear of being the person who you really are
•    Fear of being confident in your work
•    Fear of being in the world in a great way
•    Fear of not having enough money and so much more…..

The One Command™ teaching (The One Command – Taking yourself to the Theta Brain Wave and applying the six steps) opens up a whole world of new opportunities for you so that you become confident in trusting your ideas, trusting your desires and knowing without a shadow of doubt that what you have commanded is magnetically attracted back to you. You can command your success, your confidence, your wealth, your desires and your joy.

Your Development on how to apply the One Command™ will take you to new levels of understanding we will enable you to be competent with your understanding of:
•    Consciousness
•    Brainwaves
•    Formation of Beliefs
•    Six Structures of Belief Overview
•    The One Command
•    The Six Steps to Theta
•    Forming the Right Command
•    “The Simple Flip”
•    The Power of the Observer  – “The observer labels the experience and everything is observed as it unfolds. The observer from a single point of observation that always exists “now” creates all
electricity, waves, atoms, space, other people, animals, perceived_ gods, demons etc.
There is no out there or in here; only a single point of observation that views labels.”
(Jobo Pooks)
•    The Double Slit Experiment
•    Empathic Reflection “If I knew What would I know”
•    Reflective Listening
•    Calibration Technique
•    Future Pacing
•    Sacred Self
•    Masculine/ Feminine / Programs
•    Sacred Child Healing
•    Introducing “The Six Structures of Belief”
•    Creating the Right Commands
•    Internal Systems Check
•    Your Beliefs about your Value as a Practitioner /Coach
•    Your Beliefs about your Business
•    Your Beliefs about your Clients

Other One Command Team Leaders: Tanya Whannell & Alexandra Williams

Book Now: telephone  +44 (0)208 241 4762 or +44 (0) 1582 438 527.



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