Beacon Organisational Development provides executive coaching for UK’s NHS Leadership Academy


Beacon Organisational Development

Our Vision: Enabling Personal Excellence and Leadership

We transform companies, teams and individuals to release their potential, vision, creativity and intelligence. We support companies to get the right fit for the right job.

In addition, we challenge people to develop so that they are not just good at their jobs but they know what it means to be excellent and they strive to develop the leadership competencies that link star performance and company profits.

Greatness is largely a matter of conscious choice.

Through The One Command™ we facilitate people to use their theta brain state to make conscious choices using a six step process. In addition, we facilitate people to reflect on the beliefs that they want to change, improve or remove; we then walk people through the following factors: environment, behaviour, skills and competencies, values and beliefs, identity and spirituality.

This personal development of people has dramatic effects on improving the culture and profitability of a company.

Organisational Transformation and Change Management Consultancy brings added value and benefits organisations to:

  • Develop a compelling vision for the future
  • Define and develop leadership qualities and competences
  • Depict empowering organisational cultures
  • Devise and design high performing teams
  • Deliver quality performance and outcomes
  • Determine communication effectiveness, dialogue and negotiate with confidence
  • Derive staff confidence, increase job satisfaction,  energise and inspire the workforce

Our Belief

It is our firm belief that people and organisations have the capacity to grow and transform when people are working to their highest standards and focusing their energy on the best outcomes and highest intentions.

We believe that organisational development and success only occurs if boards and executive teams give firm undertaking to facilitate peoples’ growth and development and empower them to take responsibility for the success of the organisation, including the quality of the organisation’s products and services.

We are convinced that organisations have the ability to think strategically through developing an inspiring vision of the future and energising people to see new possibilities.

Beacon helps this change come about by assessing key strategic interventions and analysing what might get in the way of possible interventions. We facilitate leaders in providing leadership and help in creating the environment for people to give of their best to the organisation.

Our Values

  • Attending to personal leadership
  • Committing to personal development
  • Building appreciation, trust and value for each other
  • Creating time to think and a thinking environment
  • Promoting equity, equality and diversity
  • Expanding potential to be the best

A selection of Awards includes:

  • National Training Award 1996
  • Business Excellence Award 1996
  • Consultancy and Training Award 1996
  • British Diversity Gold Standard Award for Boosting Employment Potential 1997
  • Diversity Persuader of the Decade 2004
  • Windrush Services towards Nursing Innovation 2012
  • Queen Elizabeth 11 Medal for Health Service Innovation 2013
  • Woman in Business Award 2014

Delivery Methods

We use a range of proven delivery methods, including:

  • Thinking Environment™ Consultancy Methods
  • Emotional Capital™ – Smart Coaching Framework
  • Lumina Learning Methods
  • One Command™ Coaching Process and Programmes
  • Appreciative Enquiry
  • Strategic Mapping and Horizon Scanning
  • Case studies
  • Action learning
  • Research techniques
  • Psychometric Profiling

Our Products

  • Executive Coaching
  • Leadership & Management Development
  • Change Management
  • Team Development: Creating and Sustaining High Performing Teams
  • Mentoring: Personal Development and Career Transition
  • Equalities, Diversity & Human Rights Development
  • Meeting Facilitation
  • Psychometrics including: Lumina Learning Profiles, Roche Martin –Emotional Capital Profiles, Margerison McCann Profiles and others

A selection of Clients includes: