Purpose and Passion – Beacon’s Quarterly Workshop

I am making an unreasonable request of youDo join me on Saturday 16 August 2014 at Breakfast 0630 at Verta Hotel, Bridges Wharf London and I will introduce you to one of the most intelligent human being on earth who is willing to teach you Suggestology – the art and science of asking questions and making suggestion inside of questions?

Getting there: British Rail – Clapham Junction is 10minutes walking distance via Falcon Road and York Road or 5 minutes by taxi (taxi rank on St John’s Road).
By Bus: 170 Bus from Victoria to Battersea – York Gardens also 170 from Clapham Junction, Grant Road exit, (towards platform 1) on the side of exit you will see the 170 bus stop, alight at York Gardens – approximately 4 stops from Clapham Junction

Followed by a one day workshop with me and my VIPs on  Your Purpose and Passion at the Verta Hotel, Bridges Wharf, London.

Finally, to a Masterclass given by one of the World’s Richest Men on Building Millionnaires and maximising profits on Sunday 17 August at a hotel near Heathrow. Further information on how to access meetings will be sent to you once I have received a record of your payment.

I am asking you to pay £9999.99 instead of £15,000.00  for the full package. visit http://bethevortex.com Click on 9Join, you will be taken to a PayPal shopping cart, check out and pay £999.99  and you will get interactive conference call support in addition to what is already offered. Please take this opportunity which you will not regret. Please send me your receipt to neslyn@beaconorganisationaldevelopment.com, as soon as you have paid.

Finally this package includes a Masterclass given by one of the World’s Richest Men on Building Millionnaires and Maximising Profits on Sunday 17 August at a hotel near Heathrow. Further information on how to access meetings will be sent to you once I have received a record of your payment. Should you need any further information, then telephone me, but I trust that the step to register is very clear.


The Power of  Your Purpose and Passion Date: 16 August 2014 – Venue: Verta Hotel, Bridges Wharf, London, London SW11 3RP – Hotel class: 5 stars – Phone:020 7801 3500

0900 Registration and Coffee

0945 Chair’s Welcome
1000 Your Purpose and Passion Foot Prints – Neslyn Watson-Druée

1100 Refreshment

1115 Solution Focus Problem Solving

1200 Open Plenary – Key Lessons

1230 Lunch

1330 Introduction to The Passion Test – Suzy Pool

1340 Personal Assessment: List of your passion

  • Top five passions
  • How will I know living my passion?

1440 Open Plenary 1500 Refreshment

1515 What next?

1700 Summary and close

1700 – 1800 Networking



Alison Hewitt – Comments on Beacon Organisational Development 2013 Annual Conference

For those of you who are “conference junkies” and have visited just about every popular venue in London, Battersea Heliport (http://batterseahelicopter.com/) provided delegates of this year’s Lumina conference with some breath-taking views and distractions.

Situated alongside the Hotel Verta where the conference was held, helicopters landed  & took off throughout the day but did not disturb the concentration of delegates who were eager to learn about a new dimension of psychometric testing.

Facilitated by Dr Neslyn Watson-Druée


and Stewart Deeson


the day flowed smoothly from one exercise to another met with a good interaction between all participants. This is personal profiling that I had never previously heard of so I was curious about my pre-prepared document I received upon arrival as I had taken a little time to think about every question & was aware that my answers were very different to the ones I gave during the Career & Leadership Development course I attended in 1996-7 with Neslyn and others. 15 years on and my personality/ character still stood to benefit from a gentle prod – asking me how much I had learned about my own personal style in the workplace and in social environments. As individuals, we can never stop evolving academically and soon come to realise that other people are all we have so when a comment or observation is made, there must be an element of truth in there somewhere.

I had heard the words “self-sabotage” before and have recently left 3 organisations after reviewing what I really want for myself and the life ahead of me. As someone born and raised in the church, this valuable tool can be highly recommended to anyone who leads a large congregation as well as organisation. I really felt the need to request this day out as a team –building exercise for my current workplace as I can see where some individuals have been “stuck” in one style of leadership or work ethic for too long and find it difficult to break out of the negativity they find themselves in.

Without giving too much of the game away, evaluations of the day can be read here:


Neslyn has once again out-done herself by providing a calm, exclusive and safe environment/location for relative strangers to fall in love with each other’s personalities. It will make more sense when you attend one of her conferences in the very near future and can see and say for yourself “this is the best form of psychometric testing anyone could possibly have to redirect their career or business path”

The conference ended as scheduled with me being selected to be interviewed on camera but the homework continues because I feel inclined to be more tolerant to those around me who display “difficult “ personality traits and am able to cope/strategise better with them. I have applied lessons learned during the conference even on a very recent holiday when it was observed by a family member that “I like to think for people”. I went back to my profile and looked for that area of my personality in my Lumina Spark Report. It had to be in there somewhere so I allowed my self to relax a little and not think for people – allow them to surprise me with their next move – as it were.

Please find the time to visit the website again and contact Neslyn( +44 208 241 4762 Neslyn@beaconorganisationaldevelopment.com) with any questions you may have or queries you wish to make. The next Beacon annual conference 1 May 2014 – Personal Mastery: http://www.beaconorganisationaldevelopment.com/course/beacons-2014-annual-conference-personal-mastery-the-power-of-your-purpose-and-passion/

Alison Hewitt D.C.R ®

Transform Your Learning and Your Potential

Beacon uses the innovative Lumina Learning system to facilitate organisations to transform the performance of people.

Having worked with Neslyn I am impressed by her amazing depth of knowledge in executive profiling for both individuals and teams and the breadth of coaching and consulting expertise for organisations at Board and Executive levels.” Steve Preston, Owner/Director, SMP Solutions (Career & People Development) Ltd

Beacon uses Lumina Products to improve your personal effectiveness.  On attending the  conference you will receive your unique and innovative Lumina Spark Profile.  This is a powerful profile which helps you to improve your personal and organisational effectiveness. Lumina Spark is an individualised profile which enables you to have a personal and deeply meaningful learning experience.   The learning is easy to remember and you will be able to apply the learning in every aspect of your work and  personal life.  People who have been coached by Beacon have said that the Lumina understanding one of the most valuable knowledge they have gained.  Beacon offers  packages of development to enhance your potential and support you within your organisation.
You will be introduced to  your:

  • Lumina DNA
  • Four archetypes
  • Dominant energy
  • Eight aspects of your mandala and possible strengths and weaknesses
  • Relevant three personas
  • Over extended qualities
  • Approach to influencing
  • 24 Facets that contribute to your profile
  • Psychological Opposite persona and valuing diversity

To find out how Lumina can dramatically improve your effectiveness sign up to the Beacon 2013 Lumina Conference today.

The conference will take place in London at the Hotel Verta, Battersea on the 1st May 2013.  Spaces are limited with prices as follows:

Booking Price : £200.00 (plus VAT)

Beacon 2013 Conference

Beacon Organisational Development’s conference will be  on 1 May 2013 at Hotel Verta. Our conference will explore Lumina Spark and Lumina Learning.  We will have lively engagement within our afternoon workshops.

  • Are you clear on what skills and abilities you need to develop to be more effective?
  • Are your values and goals congruent with your behaviour?
  • Do you have an intrinsic sense of self?

The focus of  Beacon’s 2013 Conference will be on Lumina Programmes. Your Lumina Spark Profile is an individualised profile.  On the day of the Conference you will receive a personal and deeply meaningful learning experience which you can apply in every aspect of your work and personal live, even years after. This makes a Lumina experience one of the most valuable investment for your professional and personal development.  Our research illustrates that companies which invest in their staff retain their high potential staff. By using robust people-centred technology, Beacon Organisational Development is able to tailor your customised personal and professional development which is flexible, measurable and ultimately results orientated. In addition, Jackie Henry will explore the impact of Life Chart on your personal development

Join us and expand your leadership mindset



Beacon Conference 2013 dates announced

Building on the success of past years, Beacon is proud to announce details of the 2013 Conference – Introducing Lumina Learning.

Lumina Learning is a cutting-edge psychometric profiling tool and Beacon is one of the leading Lumina Learning practitioners in the UK.

The event includes special keynote speeches from Dr Watson-Druée herself as well as a look at the latest on leadership development from Lumina Learning founder and leading business psychologist, Stewart Desson.

For more please visit the conference section of the website.