Leadership for Aspiring Directors

I have created a new LinkedIn group called Leadership for Aspiring Directors.
This group is intended to support aspiring directors to Board Level positions, to achieve their potential, their goals and be successful with attaining their desires. Group members will be served with resources to enable them to be more optimal with communication, strengthen their leadership, address issues that create high performance and reduce poor performance.
At the time of this post, there are three conversations. Among the three conversations is, the conversation on courage as follows:

Among the first steps to Leadership is courage – by courage I mean the ability to face down those imaginary fears and reclaim the power of your leadership. Yet, so often systems, structures and styles can get in the way of your exercising your courage. So lets open up the conversation:

What does courage mean to you?

In what situations might you be holding back your courage or backing down on doing the right thing in your leadership role?

Have you ever had a time in your leadership role when you needed to take an action or course of action but lacked the courage to take the action?

Note, the world’s greatest leaders act courageously and face their challenges.

Please invite others to the conversation and to the group.

Enliven the conversation, in a few days I will post courage building exercises.

Further information is available in the group description. The link for the group is https://lnkd.in/dc4a8fX

Build Your Emotional Capital

Build Your Own and Your Organisation’s Emotional Capital


The primary role of a leader is to create emotional wealth for competitive advantage. When the tools of emotional intelligence are in the hands of leaders, the tools open the doors to the remarkable, creative entrepreneurial energy that exists in all genuine leaders. Leadership is central to unleashing the best performance. Jim Collins book – “Good to Great”[1], cites three elements:

  1. Leadership is critical
  2. The right people
  3. Values – a set of values which people are corporate about, the values that define corporate success

Your emotional capital is crucial to your success. The relationship between success and emotional intelligence has indicated that star performers (people who outperform their peers) score significantly higher on emotional self-awareness, self-actualisation, empathy, inter-personal relationships, flexibility, problem-solving and stress management.[2]

Emotional intelligence has been called a soft skill, but research shows that it delivers bottom-line business results. “Research has confirmed that emotionally intelligent leaders are indeed more successful than their less emotionally intelligent peers.”

Self-awareness lies at the core of emotional intelligence and no truly effective leader operates without self-awareness.

Self-Awareness was highlighted by the Harvard Business Review in an article entitled, “Breakthrough Ideas for Tomorrow’s Business Agenda.” The article stated, “Executives who fail to develop self-awareness risk falling into an emotionally deadening routine that threatens their true selves. Indeed a reluctance to explore your inner landscape not only weakens your own motivation but can also corrode your ability to inspire others.[3]

Martyn Newman in his book “Emotional Capitalists”[4] the New Leaders refers to today’s top executives as, “emotional capitalists.”

Emotional Capitalists score high on self-reliance, assertiveness and optimism. In other words, high performing leaders are self-directed, they take responsibility for themselves, possess an independence of mind in managing their thoughts and values. High performing leaders are able to express their thoughts and feelings in a non-aggressive way; are open to sensing opportunities; possess the ability to maintain a positive approach and remain persistent even in the face of major challenges.

In terms of business, the three competencies: self-reliance, assertiveness and optimism enable a person to: model self-assured behaviour, communicate a clear view of the organisation’s vision and direction, inspire the confidence of others and deal with setbacks in a positive, constructive way.

Research that looked at the predictors of success in the workplace across hundreds of occupations found the one factor of emotional intelligence that consistently showed up, almost regardless of job type was self-actualisation. According to psychologist Steven Stein, there are two components to self-actualisation as a skill. The first involves a person having a passion for what she or he does; the second component involves being well-rounded. In the process of self-actualising a leader builds emotional capital by producing his or her best work, this in turn enables others to believe that they can produce their best, too.

Another factor that differentiates high performing leaders from the rest is their score on self- confidence. Effective leaders have high degree of self-confidence. Self-confidence is built on the twin emotions of self-liking and self-competence and it determines the quality of a person’s relationship.

We build human capital by investing in people to create value. Being able to bring out the best in people is largely based on the expectations we have of them.

Leaders high in empathy understand the task their people must perform and sense the feelings, needs and perspectives of others.

Everyone’s emotional intelligence needs are different and different jobs require different levels of emotional intelligence[5] Jobs even require different aspects of emotional intelligence – for instance, if one works in a job which requires a high level of contact with other people, one may need more of an ability to manage emotions and deal with human dynamics and stresses.

Beacon Organisational Development offers systematic assessment of the seven signature strengths of Emotional Capital and their applications to leadership. This system builds on the knowledge that emotional intelligence is made up of flexible skills that can be learned. The Emotional Capital Leadership System is a powerful, proven, seven-step process that leverages these seven conditions to maximise the development of emotional intelligence in leaders.

Tools To Build Your Emotional Capital

  1. Emotional Capital Report
  2. Emotional Capital 360 Report
  3. Emotional Capital Selection Report
  4. Emotional Capital Seminars for Leaders and entrepreneurs


Tel:+44 (0) 208 241 4762

M: +44 (0) 7768 000321

[1] Good to Great: Why Some Companies Make the Leap… and Others Don’t by Jim Collins

[2] D. Rosete and J. Ciarrochi, “Emotional Intelligence and Its Relationship to Workplace

[3] Joshua Freedman & Todd Everett “The Business Case for Emotional Intelligence,” MBA, October 15, 2008.

[4] Emotional Capitalist – The New Leaders: Building Emotional Intelligence and Leadership Success by Martyn Newman, Jossey-Bass

[5] Martin, J. Yates 1997. Career Smarts: Jobs with a future. Ballantine


BuckyIsBack – Buckminster Fuller Birthday

12 July was the Birthday of Buckminster Fuller, known to his friends as Bucky, and Bucky said: “Call Me Trim Tab.”  All birthdays are days for celebration. Every-day is a birth day so to that end, every day is a day for celebration. The question is: What are we celebrating? We are celebrating the Future in Advance. A future world where it is, possible that all humanity living, lives at a higher standard of living, a standard higher than we have ever known.

Humanity is no longer local but global. Bucky challenged you and me to wake up and recognise that Physics have found no solids. Physics have found only waves of discontinuity. Physics have found that in a line is an event or an action, (and you can have two events at the same time, which causes refraction or collision) no two events can go through the same point at the same time. See https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DfPeprQ7oGc

Bucky said that we have tried to bend nature to us but nature has her own co-ordinating system. Nature is conceptual and experimental, so if we are going to the next step of transfiguration we will have to master the technology, and that technical literacy of humanity is essential, so that humanity can make the right decisions.

So let me ask you the reader of this article a few questions on Bucky’s birthday:

  • How might you use resources to support all humanity in the world?
  • What type of person can you be, to optimally support all humanity?
  • How aware are you of the needs of all of humanity?
  • Into what future would you like to live?

Join the conversation that http://bethevortex.com   You were sent to Be The Vortex by Neslyn Watson-Druée https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DfPeprQ7oGc ]

Purpose and Passion

Purpose and Passion

Are unsure about achieving your dreams?

Your purpose and your passion are your turbo charger to a happy and successful life. You are created with a definite purpose in life and every other person you see is also created with a definite purpose.

The tragedy is that most people have never taken the time to think and reflect on their purpose.

Are you one of those?

The pain of not being aware of your purpose and passion mean that you may go through life not recognising that you have choices. You could be quite disconnected and living a life of quiet desperation and not knowing why your life is not within the flow and desire of your heart.

Purpose tells you why life is worth living. Purpose helps you define your values. In the Power of Purpose, Richard Leider (1997)[1] asked a cross-section of adults over sixty-five this question: “If you could live your life over again, what would you do differently?” Three themes emerged from the replies.  The respondents would:

  1. Be more reflective,
  2. Be more courageous, and
  3. Be clear earlier about purpose.

When you follow your bliss, doors will be opened where you would not imagine there would be doors.

Are you enjoying your life?

If you are wondering why it is so important to enjoy life and enjoy what you are doing, think about the people on this planet past and present have made the greatest contribution.  You will come to realise that every one of them, without exception love what they did or are doing.

Passion arises from the heart. When you are truly passionate about something, you don’t have to try hard to put your attention on it. You also find that when challenges arise, you will find ways of overcoming those challenges. You may be she slowed down a little but you will not be stopped.

Are you playing safe because you are afraid of challenges?

Are you living your ideal life? Not just your possible life

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During the afternoon you will expreience the joy of a step-by-step process which enables you to become clear on your purpose and your passion. You will learn 9 success habits. You will know when you are living your dream.

Are you ready for what could show up in your life?

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[1] The Power of Purpose, Leider 1997

Evaluation of Beacon’s 2013 Lumina Conference – 1 May 2013 at Hotel Verta

What were the most helpful aspects within the event?

  • Open discussions and interaction with attendees – Brief but one-to-one feedback on profiles
  • Breadth of exercise – yards, teddy bear, ice hockey team. Reading and reviewing my own mandala and that of others. The GROWS model
  • The fresh approach to reviewing my possibilities. Networking with colleagues. Telling my story – practising to share
  • Feel of an organic flow with structure, meeting like minds, strong leadership
  • The depth of the psychometric, the skill of facilitators and examples
  • Everyone has strengths and weaknesses. Your weakness doesn’t mean you are bad. You can improve your strengths
  • The active engaged exercises – walking the lines, profile analysis, playing with the cards at the beginning
  • Identifying my strengths and possible weaknesses, the interactive sessions, networking opportunities
  • Safe, uninhibited environment and non-judgmental. Compact, no waffle. Inclusivity – no one was excluded in discussion
  • Information and content – all new, networking and making new friends, becoming more aware and understanding of self
  • A rich diverse mix, good group interaction, good location and lunch provision
  • Meeting a range of people with clear ideas and focus
  • Hearing three inspirational speakers who are experts in their field. Working on a range of (at times) quite challenging tasks with others in a supportive way
  • Interactive group work, understanding and interpreting the report, life charting, the link with passion, purpose and possibilities
  • Learning more about self, learning how to relate to others, networking and listening to others
  • Time to reflect, questioning some of my underlying patterns, life charting
  • Session 1 as an icebreaker, session three – report, interpretation of the report
  • Interactions, friendly approaches
  • Beautiful venue – convenient
  • Practical exercises, talking with others, explanation of report


What was the least helpful aspect of the event? How could be improved?

  • I got a little lost when we transitioned into the lined-up to a partner for 2 minutes
  • The room could have had more natural light
  • Hard to say – perhaps more time for the GROWS review
  • The life charting session did not add to the day
  • A lot to cover in one day
  • Longer time with own report
  • The last session on life-charting


  • I came away with a real understanding of myself and tools to use this knowledge both professionally and personally
  • A wonderful day – full of learning and wisdom that I will be able to take back into day job as Chief Financial Officer of an executive search firm
  • Empowering
  • It is our strength that frightens us most
  • I feel illuminated
  • “One size fits all” does not work effectively in relating to people
  • Informative, inspiring and innovative presentation
  • The conference was most helpful
  • A deep insightful rich mix of ideas flow to enable your growth, change and development
  • Ideal conference learning for church organisations as the (super) spiritual life is over-emphasised and the reality of life is not always addressed
  • You will come out of the day a better person with a clearer knowledge of yourself and how to move  forward in whatever you need to do
  • Lumina Spark portrait report really illuminates ones thinking, self-awareness, behaviours and communication. The challenge to step into ones power
  • Be your own change agent
  • I enjoyed the Beacon 2013 Lumina Conference as it allowed me to meet like minds and reflect on where I can improve in a safe environment
  • Engages the whole person


Number = 20















Event organisation was good (e.g. started on

time, appropriate venue, course information)

    19   1   0   0
The event facilitator – Neslyn Watson-Druée was responsive to the audience and helped the  event “flow”     19   1   0   0
Key Note-Speaker Stewart Desson was informative

* see below

    18   0   0   0
I have increased awareness of my strengths     16   4   0   0
I will be able to use what I have learned to increase my influencing style     14   6   0   0
I feel better able to contribute to the development of my team     7   13   0   0
I am now clearer about my own personal  development needs     10   9   1   0
I  have benefited as a result of the conference    








The content of the event has met my  needs and my expectations * see below    










* Two and on candidate respectively gave no response

The One Command

Today I had a most rewarding day. At a coaching session, my client told me that the One Command is the most exceptional change method that she has experienced within 30 years of personal development.

My question to you – what in your life would you like to change? improve or remove? I am a One Command Leader. I offer one-to-one coaching to bring about remarkable outcomes. 

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Commanding Wealth

One Command Practitioner Programme

Telephone +44 208 241 4762 for coaching appointment

Hello world!

Welcome to Beacon Organisational Development and Beacon Potential.  Our purpose is to expand consciousness to access our full potential. We offer revolutionary coaching.

Our perception of what we see, hear, feel and so on depends to a greater extent on our expectation. What we perceive is what we expect. What we focus on expand in our lives.

What areas of your life are not the way you would like them to be?

Brain biology and brain science is revealing the extent to which the mind must be thought of as an energy and information field that penetrates every cell of the body and spread out beyond the body to connect to the entire cosmos and everything in it.

Contact us to develop your emotional capital and experience unlimited potential and mysteries in your life.

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