If your actions inspire others to dream more, learn more, do more and become more, you are a leader.

John Quincy Adams

The top 10% of people are never unemployed, whatever their field. They are passionate about what they do, are self-aware, confident, self-reliant, adaptable and optimistic. Working with Beacon takes leaders on the path to becoming one of the top 10%.

Beacon Organisational Development supports people and organisations to develop leadership through transforming leaders to further create the space for others to do their best.

We provide a Thinking Environment™ and offer transformational coaching, engaging in leadership, team development and succession planning, using world class tools to enhance leadership abilities.

We believe that self-leadership at every level of the organisation is critical. It only takes you to change your world. When we engage with our greatness, trust in what is possible and reconnect to the infinite good; it is 100% assured that the outcomes we desire will materialise. According to leadership expert and author, Simon Sinek, most of us can explain what we do at work. Some of us can describe how we do it. In contrast, great leaders can clearly explain why they do what they do. They are clear about their aspiration and their dreams, and being able to articulate the values that shape that shape their beliefs. We are drawn to leaders and organisations that can communicate why they believe what they believe.

We work with organisations to deliver bespoke leadership programmes. In addition, we offer master-classes and specific modules on:

  • Vision for Leadership
  • Emotional Intelligence leadership competencies
  • Paradigm Shift
  • In-depth Personal Development
  • Creating a Learning Organisation
  • Creating and Sustaining High Performing Teams
  • Strategic Planning, decision-making and business planning
  • Effective Communication/ communication, influencing, conflict resolution and negotiation profiles


Beacon’s approach underpinned by development of leadership competencies, a Thinking Environment™ and psychometric tools enable leaders to develop complex skills thereby maximising the effectiveness of the whole team.

Tools such as:

  • Emotional Capital Report (ECR) and Emotional Capital Selection Report.
  • Emotional Capital Report and Emotional Capital 360 (ECR360).
  • Lumina Leader Report 360, Lumina Spark Profile, Lumina Sales and Lumina Team Profile.
  • Margerison-McCann Team Management, QO2 and Linking Skills Profiles.
  • Benchmarks 360 Report.