Let me ask you a question – Is Life passing without fulfilment?

  • Maybe you are at the point of giving up and just waiting for a package to leave your employment
  • Perhaps you are you tired of being passed over for promotion
  • You may even feel that you want more but don’t know how to get what you wantYou may even notice that continuous learning is no longer high on your agendaYou may currently be thinking that your success and achievements are not being recognised.


It does not have to be that way. Dr Neslyn can help you to design a life that works for you. Dr Neslyn will enable you to:

  • be your best
  • infuse your life with a plan that allows you to succeed even more
  • explore what you believe about yourself
  • strengthen your confidence
  • increase your belief in yourself and assist you to be even more empowered.

Take control of your life, career and business now – refuse to be a victim

Are you waiting for luck to happen?

Make your luck and create your own opportunities. Make your own future. Make your own hope. Make your own success.

  • Do you know the secret sauce for success?
  • Are you setting priorities to invest in yourself and your personal development or are you waiting for your manager or company to take the lead, which may never happen?
  • Did you know that people who have a compelling vision for their future -set goals and take action on their goals; that those people are within the top 3%? The sad thing is most people allow life to toss them around, they may even become dependent on others, without taking hold of their wants, desires, dreams and aspirations
  • Are you ready to take control of your life and get what you want?

Dr Neslyn can help you to:

  • get on the steps towards even more success
  • shine
  • move from where you are now to being confident, acknowledged and being recognised.

Why choose Dr Neslyn?

Dr Neslyn Watson-Druée, CBE FCGI FRCN, is The Winner of  Women Economic Forum Prestigious  (WEF17) Women of the Decade in Community Leadership & Social Change Award. She is an inaugural award Winner – 100 Best Global Coaching Leaders by the World HRD Congress. She has an Author’s Award from Radio Works World and she has had three honours from Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth 11.


Dr Neslyn is an entrepreneur, business psychologist, qualified adult education teacher, Thought Field Therapist, PSYC-K ® Therapist, One Command® Practitioner and Coach, High Performance Coach, Thinking Environment® Consultant and Coach, an author of 12 books, accredited international journalist, Radio Works World – Authors’ Award winner,

Dr Neslyn holds fellowships of the Royal Collage of Nursing (UK) and City and Guilds London Institute of which Prince Phillip is the Patron. Dr Neslyn’s passion is to empower you to master your leadership skills and leave a legacy for others to follow. She has a track record of supporting executives to transform from the ordinary to the extraordinary and from the impossible to the possible.

Dr Neslyn is a pioneer.

She developed:

  • a leadership demonstration programme for the NHS Executive in the UK
  • a mentoring programme for BBC network radio training the executives in the BBC to be effective mentors
  • a career development programme for London Enterprise Agency that received a National Training Award from the Government Office for London.

Dr Neslyn has a very successful background from 25 years on various boards including 10 years as a Chairman for a National Health Service Commissioning Organisation in the UK. She is currently Chairman of the Phoenix Newspaper, the only paper that is focused entirely on good news. Dr Neslyn is a prolific writer, author and is the host of Radio Works World Passion Show.

Here are some of the benefits of Beacon’s Gold Leader Star Package

Just suppose you have now taken action to invest in yourself with the Beacon Gold Leader Star Package.

A prudent person should always follow in the footsteps of greatness and imitate those who have been outstanding

The Benefits of the Gold Leader Star Package – Now imagine you experiencing:

  • Sessions where you identify what is holding you back and you get to clarify and/or eliminate what is holding you back.
  • Actions and ways of being that gives you unshakable confidence.
  • Clarity on your abilities and your inner GPS
  • Clarity about where you are heading – a clear vision of what you want for your life and business
  • Reading your Lumina Spark Profile which tells you: 8 aspects of yourself, how you see yourself, how others may see you, who you can become under pressure and your three personas. For an introduction to Lumina Spark Click Here
  • Reading your Lumina Leader profile and reflecting on your Leadership Starburst
  • Clarity on what is serving you and what is not serving you
  • The courage to be your authentic self
  • The power of the diamond in your soul
  • Step-by-step processes to engage with what you love to do
  • Engagement with a map and blueprint to be at your best.


What will be covered?

 A blueprint for being your best, including exploration of what you believe about yourself: your gifts, passion, strengths, abilities and skills

  • Your clarity and direction in life – what is driving you to create what you desire?
  • Knowing aspects of yourself and your personas
  • Leading: with Vision, with Drive, to Deliver, through People
  • Who are you? Your authentic self
  • What it takes to develop unshakable confidence – your inner and outer work
  • The diamond in your soul – Why do you want to shine? Why do you want the success that you desire?
  • Execution of your gifted path to success – engaging with your passion and being authentic
  • Where are you heading? What are your desires? Understanding the power of vision and creating a vision for your life and business. Your possibilities and potential

What more will you receive?

 You will get:

  • A workbook that guides you through the experience.
  • Dr Neslyn sharing her wisdom
  • 7 on line conferences sharing knowledge, your stories, information and successes
  • A Lumina Spark and a Lumina Leader Profile
  • A template for a winning curriculum vitae
  • 2 online Master Mind Sessions underpinned by 49 Ways to let your time and energy match your results
  • 1 coaching session 1:1 with Dr Neslyn of 45 minutes duration
  • A follow up support message for 30 days after you have completed your package
  • Electronic copies of Dr Neslyn’s books: Authentic Choice: Be You and Joyful Living: The Guide to Your Purpose and Passion
  • An electronic copy of The Blue Print for a Miraculous Life
  • An electronic copy of You Can Heal Your Life

3d_Authentic_Choice-_Be_You3D Cover Joyful LivingBlueprint_for_a_Miraculous_Life__page_1_of_10_You_Can_Heal_your_Life_-_Louise_L__Hay__page_1_of_272_

People who have taken this Gold Leader Star Package have said:

  • I have a clear vision on where I am going and how to get there
  • I have super clarity in my life and business
  • I have focused clarity on what matters most
  • I have a sharp sense of who I am
  • My goals are purposeful
  • I have gained spiritual insights and openness
  • I now have strategies to map and navigate my journey with ease
  • I am very clear with my communication including conflict resolution, negotiation and influencing skills

Wait no longer; grasp the opportunity:

 Success means having the courage, the determination, and the will to become the person you were meant to be. George Sheehan,

Book now for the Gold Leader Star Package with Dr Neslyn


Wednesday 7 June  (month 6) 2017           2000 – 2230 GMT

Wednesday 14 June (month 6) 2017          2000 – 2230 GMT

Wednesday 21 June (month 6) 2017          2000 – 2230 GMT

Wednesday 28 June (month 6) 2017          2000 – 2230 GMT      Mastermind

Tuesday 4 July (month 7) 2017                     2000 – 2230 GMT

Tuesday 11 July (month 7) 2017                    2000 – 2230 GMT

Tuesday 18 July (month 7) 2017                    2000 – 2230 GMT

Tuesday 25 July (month 7) 2017                    2000 – 2230 GMT      Mastermind

Mastermind dates:

Wednesday 28 June (month 6) 2017            2000 – 2230 GMT      Mastermind

Tuesday 25 July (month 7) 2017                    2000 – 2230 GMT      Mastermind



This is a onetime limited offer for a package that is valued at £8,000.00. Only 10 places are available on a first come first served basis and the offer will close at midnight on 30 April 2017.

Only the Early Birds who invest up to 30 April will receive 22 tools to transform fear and an electronic copy of As a Man Thinketh, so is He.

Could you be ready for even more success? When?

Full immediate investment £999.99.

 If you don’t have a PayPal AccountYou can pay by bank direct transfer or by Apple Pay

Most people live, whether physically, intellectually or morally, in a very restricted circle of their potential being.

With this package, at each step of the way there are measureable results – sometimes grand and magnificent and sometimes smaller and less noticeable – but as you will progress from where you are now towards where you want to be.

Abilities – It is Dr Neslyn’s promise that your world will change for the better. In fact, you have a 28 days Total Satisfaction Guarantee. After the first 28 days of the Beacon Gold Leader Star Package. If you are not satisfied with the results you are making in your first 28 days you will receive the full refund of your investment.

There are two ways you to enable you to invest – two payments of £666.66 First payment now and second payment 1 June 2017 (for payment option email Neslyn@Neslyn.com) or a onetime cash payment of £999.99, a savings of £333.33

A small investment of £999.99 is a tiny amount compared to what you stand to lose by not investing your personal development and leadership.

Are you satisfied to be less wealthy by not achieving your full potential?

Are you content not to develop your ability to enable the star in you to shine even more?

Do you want to be healthier by being your authentic self and achieve more inner peace?

If so, the Beacon Gold Leader Star Package is for you.

Invest in your Future Now! There can be as much value in the blink of an eye as in the months of rational analysis and all the flowers of all the tomorrow’s are in the seeds of today – Act Now

If you don’t take this offer you may find that you continue to:

  • Struggle day-to-day to make ends meet because you are not being recognised and paid at the level that you could be paid
  • Work too hard for little result
  • Lose the opportunity to learn success strategies and lose the valuable early bird gifts
  • Keep getting what you have always got.

Taking the step towards a life change can be pretty scary, but what is even worse is the regret of not having the courage to to step into what is calling out to you.

P.S. This is an irresistible one-time offer to only 10 people – first come, first served!