I meet Dr Neslyn Watson-Druee in 2002 through my involvement in the Black and Minority Ethnic Forum in the NHS Trust where I was employed as a Registered Nurse. We have cross paths on many occasions both professionally and personally. Neslyn helped me to define my skills and experience through the various personality tests. Her intuitive insight to my personality has helped me to open my doors to my skills and experience. Neslyn allowed me to take the next step on the new journey I have embarked upon through changing my career. I did the One Command programme with her and I have free myself to my mantra of “I AM HAPPY!!! I AM FREE!!!” I can depend on her for sound advice and she shares my joy of success while praying and sending positive vibrations to me. I can say that it is much needed and appreciated. My love and prayers will be with her always for the deep, visionary and compassionate essence that she delivers to me. May God continue to bless and keep her healthy as she delivers HIS LOVE.
Anndeloris Chacon