When The Almighty created His special people, He told His angels:  Come, bow down to these special people who I will make them go through some special trials and tribulations. When His Angels asked Him how could He as the Most Compassionate and the Most Merciful allow for such strenuous times to befall on His special people? He said: “I will carry them through that.”  So His angels asked, what if they needed more. He responded I will create mothers.  They ,the Almighty said, will be the support to my special people. Not satisfied with that answer,  His Angels said: “O the Most Majestic: what if mothers have been overtaken by a new life in Your Kingdom, what will happens to your special people?  Will they be abandoned on a boat with no sail? Will their boat capsize with no succour?  Will they drown in the sea of hopelessness with no support? What of Your Compassion, O You whose Name is a remedy for all maladies?  What of your mercy, O You whose Mercy extends to every creation be they believers or yet to believe in You? The Almighty smiled: Then, I will send Neslyn into their lives.  At that the Angels, bowing down to His creations said: “Truly they are worthy of this. You must  love these special people. 
Yasin Rahim, Hospital Inspector, South Central, Care Quality Commission, Hospitals  Inspection Directorate